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    Dan DeWeese
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    Read the discussion page calling for potential record heat , so took a gander at the plot for Friday. Big days this time of year are rare but do occur. Problem is, getting off the hill with a north flow.

    Feel lucky?


    Heres one from 2018. it was over 115F san brdino. ice crystals falling out at cloudbase at 17.5k.

    July 6 20Z

    David Webb
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    Sounds P2/H2 friendly! :)


    Just curious,

    any big flights on Friday?

    David Webb
    General Member

    I saw 2 reports of really great Blackhawk flights (will let the pilots chime in if they want to spill the details):

    One Blackhawk – Baldy – Brewery (I think)

    One Blackhawk – Baldy – San G – San J – Palm Springs


    Great flights indeed!


    Our Sylmar club friend flew from Ave S in Palmdale to near Johnson Valley, NE of San G.


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