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    David Webb
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    Friday the 13th was lacking in spookiness, but delivered on really enjoyable flying all day.

    Launched at 9:30 at Crestline, climbed to 5700’, and flew around with the birds for close to 40 minutes. Could have stayed up but had a vehicle to retrieve. Here’s the veep, contemplating the universe:


    Launched again at 2 from Marshall and got 2.5 hours in. Made a transit back to Crestline and had lift the whole way, enjoyed some ridge soaring with the air to myself. Didn’t see any outer-space-altitudes (I got to just under 6k), but lift seemed to be abundant. Looked like everyone got a turn at the top of the stack.

    Air was cool and smooth, deer were snacking at the top of cloud, and lots of hawk pairs showing me where the good stuff was.

    Ran out of daylight.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Few more from Friday morning. Got caught on the webcam too.




    David Webb
    General Member

    Track log of the morning crew.

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