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    Ken Howells
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    Kind of hazy and not much wind. PGs were staying up after launching Marshall. I was at the 750 with a Sport 3 155 HG and didn’t like my chances of staying up for long but decided the drive-time from there to Marshall would put me out of the flying window I wanted and it would be a long day if I couldn’t top land.

    Launched the 750 at 2:20 and sank. Was over the Ranch house just higher than the 350 when the vario beeped for a full circle. Many circles later the thermal drifted into the hillside and turned on and I eventually got just above Marshall Peak and then landed when I felt like it after 40 minutes.

    I also did my first ever intentional loop in a hang glider :)

    A fair number of pilots out for the coolish day, including a Bay Area contingent.


    Launching the 750 and saving over the Ranch house.

    The whole flight track.


    What a loop and a wingover and a spin look like in GPS.

    David Webb
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    Climbing out from the 750 – that’s the dream, right? Looks like an awesome flight.


    Wow, awesome! Such a good feeling to get that save. 🙌

    So far I’ve only had that happen to me once, where I was getting ready to land and then found something at the last minute to take me back up to 4,000 ft. 😄

    I had a pretty good flight Sunday myself! I got 1.5 hours and never got sick, but the sun was getting low and it got too cold for me to try and stay up longer. Here’s my GPS track

    Oh….ANNNNDDD….. I was thermaling with a red tailed hawk for the very first time!!! He was so close to me at eye-level (maybe like 5 yards away) and we were doing circles together. Damn I wish I had a GoPro on my head that day. Hopefully next time! It was so magical! 🦅😍


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