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    Ken Howells
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    Fun hour from Marshall Peak with a Sport 3 170 on 3/5/21. Got up quickly and went back to Crestline but never got above the ridge. Had good thermalling back out front at Regionals etc.
    Landed when I felt like it. Thanks to Zac & Majo for the ride up!

    Numerous pilots out, some got 7k or so from Crestline, most reported ‘unusual’ conditions, with S-SE drift putting thermals in odd places, sharp edges, etc.

    When I first got to 5,200 NE of Marshall I aimed north, descending, and thought about just dashing to Crestline since it was so good.  Instead I went S a little and and got back to 5,300 before heading back. Really glad I didn’t go that first time.


    Looks like a nice day and flight.

    Thanks for all the fight reports from all you Guys & Gail’s.

    Love reading them, keep them coming!

    Fly Safe!

    Jonathan Dietch
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    It was a good day but not an easy day by any stretch for myself. I took my Sport 3 155 OTB from Marshall Peak to Crestline Ridge – E to Running Springs – W to Sugarpine – S to 15/215 Fwy interchange – E along RR tracks – N to AJX. 34.6 miles along 3 turn-points and 16.5 miles across.

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