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    Glider+Harness+Rescue for 1390 USD!

    • Supair Delight 3 (L)
      Checked by Supair in France (2022 December). Very good and comfortable pod-harness in very good conditions.
    • Phi Symphonia 24 
      A+ glider, 467 take offs from grassy terrains in Switzerland, no tree landing, no water landing. I am the first owner of the glider (2018). Last check and trim-tuning happened in 2021 April. Porosity was checked at the end of 2022, Middle cells: ~30s, side: ~100+s. Usable for ~1-2 more years.
    • Turnpoint Incase 3.0 (130kg)
      Round canopy rescue paraglider, never used. Last re-packed: 09.22, 8y old so still good for 2 years

    My equipment was used on grassy terrains in Switzerland. I will be at San Bernardino region until the 5th of February, and I am selling my complete paraglider equipment (I upgraded for a completely new equipment). Testflight is possible at AJX.






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