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    Many great memories experienced under this Oak Tree.¬† It’s now succumbed to the elements.E Oak Tree



    Bille Floyd
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    When I first started flying Elsinore in 1977 ; we were landing on the North side of Hy-74 , and that one got shut down ; the 80’s is when the after-flying party got moved¬† to the Oak tree. Gonna miss that tree ; never gonna forget it though !!




    My first flight landed across the street.  There was a hedge that ran down the center with a fence embedded in it. The treeline was sketchy at best.   Then ca me the Bull Dozers and the people.  Amazingly the 52 acres across the street remain undeveloped.  They started to develop it about 2007 and the market collapsed along with the

    Chinese Developer. Frank the lawyer is to be credited for keeping it available much longer than expected.  I started in 1979 and finished  in 2017

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