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    David Webb
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    Was a Saturday well-spent.

    Started with an early-morning sled ride from Crestline and got to share the air with Stan, Jana, Stephen, and Nate. Here’s Stan, my Symphonia brother:


    Afternoon was even better. Flew for 3 hours and got to just under 6k. Got in the air shortly after 4 with professor Jérôme on the radio, and with some guidance, made my first transit back to Crestline. Got some in-air education on the area, saw the lakes, and had a small taste of the rowdy Billboard thermals. Here’s Jérôme in his native habitat:


    The 25th of July is brought to you by the PHI Symphonia. Fly safely.

    Track Log

    David Webb
    General Member

    I made a goofy video of the relaxing morning flight 😄:

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