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    For anyone interested in helping with the war on gophers, the links below are training videos for a machine that is similar to the Gopher Blaster that we have.

    TBD, we will have a training event soon to get people some hands-on experience.  Over the winter months we need to consistently blast away to thin the herd.

    Part 1. 

    Part 2.

    Part 3.

    David Webb
    General Member

    What the rodenator without the barrel attached reminds me of (perhaps the LZ is haunted by the spirits of past gophers):



    Saturday, December 2nd, Tim Ward will be at the LZ to give a tutorial on the Gopher Blaster.  Start time will be noon.

    After that, I will help anyone else who wants to learn on any occasion when we are gopher hunting.  We expect to do this regularly throughout the winter.  If we get the population under control now then it won’t get out of control when they pup in the spring.

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