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    Greetings everyone!

    Jiri Rutner here, vising P-3 from San Diego.  I fly Rush 5, have been flying mostly the mountains and I call Blossom my home site.  Going to be camping at Lake Arrowhead for a week starting today.   I have flown Marshall only once about three years ago and I would love a site intro.  Do folks usually meet at AJX for a ride up and if so, what time?  Or should I go straight to launch in the early afternoon and hope to hook up with someone at launch?  I have a full size pick up truck, and can give folks a ride up as well, and hope to get a ride back to my truck if conditions don’t allow for top landing.

    do you have a flight planning or ride sharing thread (Telegram, Whatsapp etc.) that I could join?

    thank you

    Jiri ( yes my name is spelled funny because I was born and raised in Czechoslovakia)

    here is my cell phone number 619-564-1567

    David Webb
    General Member

    Hi Jiri,

    I think we may have met in passing at Palomar on a launch maintenance day. Welcome!

    The usual plan for most is to show up at AJX early afternoon (unless you’re trying to get a morning flight in). The “Sandy Van” runs almost every flyable day, and the page to sign up for that is here. There are a few other ride options (others that offer rides on most of the flyable days) here. If you don’t find anything on either of those the day before you want to fly, it’s usually very easy to find a ride just by showing up at AJX and asking around. All else fails, you can drive up and hopefully top-land, or Uber up to the turnout for Marshall and hike (it’s an easy 30 minute walk from the road up to launch).

    I see you already squared away your club membership – thanks for the support! For a site intro, I’d recommend starting at AJX and ask any local for a briefing on the LZ, and then another when you get up to launch. Of course, make sure to read the site guidelines and briefings on this site too before you come out – those should help a bit with details on the approach patterns into AJX, information on the launches, hazards to avoid, etc.

    Feel free to post any more questions you have here, or you can email info@crestlinesoaring.org (that gets checked often).



    Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed response.


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