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    Zac Majors is offering a test prep clinic for the H4 exam tentatively scheduled for 4:00 pm next Friday (August 7th) under the shade structure at AJX. Please RSPV to this forum so we have an idea how many persons are coming. There is a possibility the time and location will change depending on Zac’s schedule so please check this forum for any updates.

    Please bring with you something to write with and write upon.

    Zac will have a donation jar for those who appreciate his help. He was warned donations will probably be in direct proportion to exam success, and he said he’s willing to risk it. I’m guessing the success rate will be quite high.



    Also…..  the C19 precautions will be observed and expected by all participants.


    Just a reminder for the H4 test prep clinic with Zac Majors tomorrow at 4:00 PM. PG flyers welcome too as much of the material will relate to them as well.


    To anyone interested in this clinic, we are postponing for a couple of weeks. We will repost a date and time when it’s determined.


    Did this get rescheduled yet?


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