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    Wills Wing Hang Glider – Sport 2 175 – $800

    The glider is in good flying condition. The glider has a total of 300 hours of flight time. Glider was built in 2013. For specifications see the Wills Wing website. This is an easy to fly, intermediate rating glider. I have had many great flights on this wing.

    Also available is a cocoon harness, reserve parachute and variometer.

    The glider is stored at my home in Orange. Call me, Frank, at 714-269-9745



    I really enjoyed flying a few Sport 2 175s hooking in at 175lbs, (with harness reserve, shoes…).  Great alternative to a paraglider.


    I totally agree with Peter ; if i didn’t Just purchase a used

    Atos, then i would enjoy owning that glider ! Great Machine, easy

    to fly ; gives feedback on what the air is doing , so staying “In”

    the thermal, is easy !!

    I would say to change the side-wires ; and someone is gonna get

    a really fun glider.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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