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    Gary Anderson
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    Anyone know what kind of tubes are used to store HG and where someone might find those tubes?



    It’s an irrigation tube, white PVC, thin wall, 15 inch diameter, 20 ft long.

    Smaller diameters are available, but unless it is a Falcon or something, it will be a bit tight for others.

    Also, interestingly, smaller diameters are priced higher, so go for 15.

    I forgot, but I think it was around $200.

    Caps are prohibitively expensive.

    Gary Anderson
    General Member

    Thank you!


    This is what I use


    I have a cap on one end and a plug on the openable end.

    Tom Swanson
    General Member

    I have one that my first T2 was shipped in. It’s in my warehouse in Riverside.

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