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    David Webb
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    Posting this on behalf of Mike Kelsey. He now lives out of state, and as he still has a glider in storage at AJX, has asked us to auction it off – all proceeds he is very generously donating to the club (might help us get a bit closer to getting some shade for this summer!).

    Glider is a Wills Wing Talon. Photos below:


    If you’d like to make an offer, please email info@crestlinesoaring.org, and someone can assist you in locating the glider in storage, setting it up to check it out, etc.


    Talon 150?

    David Webb
    General Member

    Jack – I got an “I think so” about it being a 150. He said he was flying it with a body weight of 165 lbs, but that a look at the placard would be a good idea. I believe someone volunteered to set it up and inspect it.


    David, I think Jack was referring to the the pictures you attached. Not the first pic at the airshow but the next few. It looks like a Falcons bag of bones :) Not a Talon. Also a 165 pound pilot weight would be quite light on a Talon 150.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Mark – I definitely could be wrong about the other pictures. It was unknown which bin/shelf that the wing was on, so I opened and took pictures of a few that were possible candidates (unmarked/unpaid, suspicion of last known location, etc). I know less than nothing about hang gliders, so if someone knowledgeable could assist in figuring out which one is his, it would be a huge help.

    Should I remove the other pictures above? If you’re fairly sure they are wrong, I can pull them off to reduce confusion.


    just post make and model pending further investigation :)

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