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    David Webb
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    Saw a few replies about this one, so thought I’d create a post to give it visibility.

    The photo at the top of the homepage is not set in stone (nothing on the site is) – if you have a great, high-res photo that you’d like us to use, we are definitely open to that. Since it’s the most prominent photo on the site and the first thing you see when you come to the site, we chose the current photo using a few self-imposed parameters:

    • It should be inclusive of both wing types (we wanted to make sure we were being inclusive of paragliders and hang gliders)
    • Should be a relatively wide aspect ratio (no portrait orientation), and the pilots should be mostly in the center of the photo. Since the site layout is built to work on many different screen sizes (including mobile devices), some of the photo will get cropped or hidden on some screen sizes
    • High-res (hasn’t been an issue with Jana’s super-nice photos): photo has to be at least 1920 wide x 1280 tall

    If you have a photo you’d like us to use, please send us an email at info@crestlinesoaring.org.

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