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    3EC58374-43D2-42C3-A3F0-EECE4D81CC5561A7BCD9-723B-41BC-849C-43EF35C0B44FFCD1C382-7F5F-4F27-BF05-9C322BCB9C1A68890BE5-F12A-4B12-A015-171A2CD4B9E9EFF29F83-4C71-471D-B582-EE014709F874Brand new Icaro Piuma L. I’ve only had 4 flights on it.
    Comes with Swoosh wheels, 3 spare downtubes and connecting elbow parts, new sidewire kit, and white Icaro Helmet.

    Brand new this wing is about $4k. Tax and shipping are around $1200. Spare downtubes, wires and connecting parts 2-250$. Helmet $75

    You’ll hear anyone who has flown these wings remark that they can’t believe it’s a single surface glider, probably due to the curved wingtips. This wing is in a different class compared to the WW Falcon.

    Im selling this ONLY because I don’t think I’ll be flying anymore. I’ve somehow lost my nerve for the sport and being at altitude.

    text me at  5304406634


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