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    Incident Summary

    On December 6 @ approximately 16:30, H3 pilot entered final approach to AJX. Pilot was too high and in a position to overshoot. Pilot chose not to overshoot, landed on wheels, and turned to the south west after landing, running over a student’s paraglider in the kiting area (wing was on the ground) and nearly colliding with the student (student jumped out of the way).


    AJX weather station reported winds N between 3-5mph at 16:30. Other pilots reported light overall conditions during the afternoon.

    Emergency or Medical Response

    No emergency or medical response.


    No injuries; damage to paraglider reported.

    Pilots Involved

    H3 pilot, student PG pilot.

    Root Cause

    Pilot’s approach was too high.

    Proximate Cause

    As the approach was too high, pilot chose not to overshoot the LZ or select a line to land that was free of obstacles on the ground.

    Corrective Action

    Pilot to review appropriate DBF approach, approach altitudes, and landing skills with instructor.

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