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    I added up the associate, limited and general membership of CSS and came up with 355. I believe there’s been about $10K or so raised towards a new shade structure leaving $48K unfunded. If you divide $48K by 355 you get just $135 per person. Of course not all can afford or would even be willing to give that much, but if a bunch of us put up just another 200 bucks each, we’d probably have enough. That’s like three nights in a cheap motel; 27 Happy Meals; less than ¼ of the cost of a new Flytec 6030 (okay forget that last one – it’s not good incentive). Heck, you probably waste that much at Starbucks in a month. My point is you can probably find a way to come up with that much dough if you just show a little discipline somewhere else in your budget.

    I know not every one was happy with the vote. It wasn’t my first choice. But heh… it’s a cool building and we take part in the coolest sport devised by man at one of the best spots on the earth. Shouldn’t we have a cool building?

    Please think about it my flying friends.

    I’ll put my wallet where my mouth is.

    Anyone else?


    Great points made Tom. I decided to give up all Happy meals, cheap motel stays and $tarbucks for the year and have made my donation.

    Maybe it would be possible to add direct link for donations on home page so we can see amount increasing for better visibility to keep this rolling.?

    Anxious for shade after some great flying with friends.



    Kim Floyd
    General Member

    I am in for another $200.  Running total on home page is great idea.  Kim


    Here’s a link to where you can see the total raised so far: Shade Structure Donations. Looks like we’ve raised over $15,000 so far.

    There’s an extra $1,300 cash raised by Nacho’s BBQ that’s not included in the total amount on that page. I’ll also keep donating as much as I can, when I can.

    Here’s where you can go to donate: Donate Here.

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