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    Dusty Rhodes
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    CSS Instructor

    Kenny Westfall 1954-2020


    Picture 387DSC00550DSC00522

    Mark Hoffmann
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    Kenny Westfall, Glacier Point Trip 2009


    Bob Pobocik
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    Dusty and Mark,

    Sad to hear we lost another one.

    Thanks for posting this, I’d like to know more.  Are there more details to follow?

    Bob Pobocik



    We lost Kenny in a single vehicle driving accident about 9 PM Oct 4th in the Lake Arrowhead area.

    Dianne and I are heartbroken.

    Keep the pics and memories coming.

    We love you Meg.

    I spoke with Mike Johnson this evening. Mike talked with kenny 4 days ago. Kenny was in good spirits and recently has been doing some powered flying while waiting for the forests to open back up.


    Ken Howells
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    It’s a real bummer to lose Kenny like that.  He sure lived life on his own terms!

    We had fun saying “Hi Ken” to each other.  Good times flying.


    Kenny Westfall with his Talon (??!) at AJX LZ, 28 Oct. 2010

    Dave Biddle
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    Ken and I became good friends through our shared love of the late day glass off ridge running. We have both been flying long enough to know the conditions we are most fond of. I will miss him greatly. Here are a few pics flying with my friend “Kenny Whack Westfall” vlcsnap-2020-10-06-07h43m55s772vlcsnap-2020-10-06-07h46m11s754vlcsnap-2020-10-06-07h50m25s720vlcsnap-2020-10-06-07h55m59s582vlcsnap-2020-10-06-07h58m59s410


    We’re truly sad to learn that he passed away. 😔 He was a good guy and will be missed. I remember he loved Chloe (yellow dog) a lot and would always stop and give her his full attention whenever he walked by at the LZ. ❤️

    Here are a few photos I was able to find of Kenny. If I find more, I’ll share them.



    Dusty Rhodes
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    CSS Instructor

    Picture 388Group Photo

    Jonathan Dietch
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    I made this little insider’s homage to Kenny. Turn the sound up and you’ll get it.

    Don’t forget his YouTube channel. He loved making videos.

    Tim Ward
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    I had fun with Kenny for a long time.  He and Dave Childs used to pick me up to go flying before I had a driver’s license.

    Old and bold.




    Ken Howells
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    I found a few more internet pix of Kenny.  Two from Summer of ’06, one from 2010 w/Dave Childs.

    C.S.S. Fly-In 2006 20


    Quicksilver Three


    I’m really gonna miss Kenny ; that guy was a Lot of

    fun, to be around, (always in a Great mood)  !!

    Bille Floyd


    We will surely miss our friend and fellow pilot.

    He was one of the good one’s!

    Fly Safe!

    George Stebbins
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    I am saddened by the loss of Kenny.  Sigh.

    It’s good to see from the pictures that he seemed to be enjoying life before the end.


    Always a joy to be around and great pilot so long Bud.

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