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    I lost a RayBan sunglass case with my drivers license in it and 20 dollars at AJX on Sat 5/6.If you find it please put it in the mail to the address on it. And keep the 20

    Ben Handy
    General Member

    Found it down by the LZ, will take it home with me tonight to get it mailed out


    Thanks Ben


    I woulda charged hin a Cold Cheap Beer ; for the effort !!! LOL



    Ben Handy
    General Member

    I actually walked out on Sunday and left it on the kitchenette counter (put it there before i saw this post). One of my friends grabbed it this afternoon and we’ll figure out getting it back to you. Apologies for the delay there


    Hey Patrick, I picked up your lost case and drivers license. I’ll drop it in the mail today.



    It came in the mail today.  Thanks Max . Hope you ended up with the 20 dollars for your trouble.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pat

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