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    Yes, fun flying.  There were anvil clouds over at San Gorgonio but all that looked to be drifting S. When I got my glider over to launch at Crestline about 4:30 I heard the Emergency Alert tone from my phone (in my harness,  behind my head) and the flash Flood warning was still on the screen after I landed at 5:50.

    Easy soaring to 6k while I kept a wary eye on that rain way east.  Saw a solid column of white dropping from cloudbase to the ground on the far side of Crafton Hills for at least 10 minutes.  After that the clouds that way got thinner and fuzzy.

    Was ready to go land at the hour mark but the windsock was hanging slack for a while.  Luckily, it was quite lifty north of the LZ so I just idled at 4k for 15 minutes until the SW flow resumed. It was dramatically warmer when I got to about 400′ AGL. (had seen 104° F about 2 PM)

    Tales of 10k from the early pilots, who said the thermal ceiling dropped rapidly. Many late-day pilots flew.


    Sunset glow.

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