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    Dear pilots & pilot students,
    As many of you are aware, our site requires that everyone doing any kind of training (kiting, flying from training hill) or flying at Andy Jackson Airpark MUST be both a current CSS member and a USHPA member. We will have a site monitor checking memberships on random days, because it’s come to our attention that some pilots & students don’t have one or the other. This is not a case of being greedy-for-money, these are important waivers which must be acknowledged and insurance coverage needs that our land owners require in order for us to exist! Our insurance and maintenance costs are rising and if you want to continue to be able to train and fly at AJX, you need to follow these very basic rules that most legitimate sites will also require of you. Do not give the site monitors a hard time for doing what they don’t want to have to do, but must do to preserve the site! They are volunteers. If your membership is current, you have nothing to worry about. Your name will automatically appear in the CSS members list as soon as you purchase your membership. Make sure that you enter the correct USHPA number in your profile, because it automatically updates itself from the USHPA data. We have so few rules in the ultralight community, I think we can manage our own memberships. Site preservation! Very important for all who want to be able to fly these mountains and have a nice place to land.

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