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    Jonathan Dietch
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    It shaped up really nicely later in the day. Launched then landed Marshall Peak after 2:06 hours and 19 mi along 3 turn-points. It’s time to re-think when to run the shuttle on days that are forecast to be gusty mid-day.

    Mark Hoffmann
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    The air was really glassy later in the dayHG 2090 04192021 google earth

    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    Side note: Had  solo student launch 6pm or so. I had walked down to launch first, unhooked and got him launched. Went to grab my glider and spotted a little rattlesnake right there next to the base bar. It was coiled up and managed a little strike as I picked up the wing but he couldnt reach far enough. Warm spring weather brings out the snakes so watch your step.

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