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    David Webb
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    Beautiful weather for April Fools’ Day. Launched just before 4PM into very smooth, relaxing conditions and a gentle climb up to 5k. Then came the April Fools’ gag. Unusually rowdy conditions for the next hour pretty much everywhere I looked. Drifted back to Crestline and got good climbs back there but quite the rodeo ride to go along with that.

    Like clockwork, at 5PM (about 2 hours before sunset) everything mellowed out very rapidly and made for really nice easy flying. Ended up getting 3 hours and a max of just over 6600’.

    Here’s in-flight video of me sitting in my harness yesterday in the Billboard neighborhood:

    Tom Swanson
    General Member

    What’d you think of my launch at 2pm? Did you hear me yell, “4pm sounds good!”?

    David Webb
    General Member

    Hahahaha – all I heard was “YAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOO”

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    I was fooled by the marginal looking forecast and figured I’d be lucky to get an hour of weak scratching.  However, the weather stations showed better than forecast flying was setting up.  I launched Marshall at 2:09 and connecting took a lot of patience and strategy. Eventually I went to the back ridge and flew a modest FAI triangle followed by fun flying until I was fatigued and landed without a whack.  Video will appear below after upload. Sportstracklive.

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