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    Jerome Daoust
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    I have been planning for a while and set a date for focusing on fun and free time. Initially I was considering the end of this year. But to extend by 2 months my PASA paragliding school from the end of the current period on October 17, I would have to submit a full application for renewal. Not worth the hassle for a short extension during less flyable months.

    Starting October 18 2021, I will still sell gear at a discount, teach theory & kiting, repack reserves, be a mentor, and enjoy a more carefree lifestyle: Details. Flying with you, will be better than watching you from the ground.

    Good times ahead. I might get one of these T-shirts… TShirt_Retirement_Schedule

    David Webb
    General Member

    Congrats on the upcoming new life!


    Sad to see you leave the professional side of paragliding, but I’m sure you’ll still come out to fly! Life shouldn’t be all about work. It’s awesome that you can retire fairly young and get to enjoy the rest of your days as you see fit. Who knows,… maybe it will be too much freedom, you’ll get bored and will come back. 😄

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Right until the last possible day… I have a student tomorrow (Sunday Oct 17).  I expect nostalgic moments of “this is the last time I do this” during the day. Should be an enjoyable day with a fun repeat student. Stop by to say “hello” and share the moment.

    Reminder: Starting Oct 18, I will still offer many services (<– This is  link) Reserve repack, mentoring at various sites, theory classes, kiting, exams & ratings, gear sales (any brand) and adjustments.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Sorry to miss the last day, but congrats again on the retirement.

    Time to fly more!


    Does it come in Orange?


    Hope you enjoy your newfound freedom!

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