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    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    It would be great to have a meeting to find out officially what’s the deal with overnight parking, plans for USHPA non involvement, shade completion, and upcoming events. We’ve had many visiting pilots asking and they’re getting different answers. Can a date and time for a member meeting be arranged?

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    BUMP. The by-laws detail required meetings. What gives?


    Double bump.

    I’m back after an extended hiatus & expect there are others in my situation as we emerge from the COVID era.

    A lot has changed here! when is the next member mtg?


    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    Hey great news!!! The webcams are back up for the LZ ! Shame that they’re  not included on this webpage where the old links were. Wonder if the webpage guy knows how to do that. Can anyone share the link?


    The last board meeting took place April 16th, 2022. I posted the minutes for that one a week or two later. According to the By Laws, a board meeting should take place every other month and the minutes should be posted for everyone to see. If a board meeting did take place this month (and it’s now June 27th), then the minutes should follow soonish?


    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    Yeah it’s kinda weird no board member has chimed in here. Are they done getting the new ratings system from the ultralight assn? Are we done with USHPA yet? Who is in charge of the new ratings?
    The overnight parking and “free” shower situation seems to be causing problems since there is no payment for the hot water use. Are “donations “ for overnight parking going straight to the shade structure and not to the general fund?
    So many questions, so few answers.

    Zac Majors
    General Member

    I supported changing insurance companies, however I’m leery of changing to another rating system and the complexities that would cause both for visiting pilots and AJX students who wish to fly elsewhere. Let’s please include the membership, before we go too far down any path.


    In response to rating system changes, I agree the current system is not ideal, but have to agree with Zac a reluctance to change. I was frustrated with some of the requirements needed to advance to H4 and it’s failure to consider other factors. A conversation with Zac helped me realize the situation is more complicated than my situation. The varying flying conditions throughout the U.S. make it difficult to set one standard. Flying at AJX makes it pretty easy to acquire lots of flight time in a single season, whereas in other parts of the country, the flying season is much shorter and the ability to achieve long flights more limited. Simply put, the instructors who developed the rating system had to consider a broad swath of flying conditions to develop a reasonable standard of skill requirements. The rating system could certainly be improved and updated, but it must be done with broad consideration of pilots and flying conditions throughout the country.

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