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    Many pilots showed up today (Monday) and enjoyed better-than-expected conditions.

    I launched (PG) from Marshall at 1:50 pm and flew 2.5 hours, up to 6600′. Flew back to Crestline, then did 3 laps between Pine and Crestline, before going back forward to Cloud. My “flying tank” is full again.

    Nice job on the LZ grass, looking much better.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Was fun launching with low expectations and being pleasantly surprised with good flying.

    Launched Crestline at 9:30 and enjoyed 30 minutes of good morning flying, with a few nice thermals at Billboard. Took a siesta for lunch, and got another 2.5 hours in the afternoon from Marshall with a trip to Crestline, Pine, and the Pine radio towers before the high altitude clouds shut the day down. Topped out at 6350′.

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    Lots of fun Monday

    2021-11-15 S3-170 JD (3733)

    And panoramic views

    2021-11-15 S3-170 JD (1596)

    until the overcast turned the sky into mud

    2021-11-15 S3-170 JD (4307)

    then bright blossoms came out

    2021-11-15 S3-170 JD (4778)

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