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    A better-than-expected day. Thanks to thermal-sniffers David and Ben, we reached Hwy 38. I got near 8 k along the way. Congrats to Cory for his first glide back to Crestline after reaching a higher-than-needed 7k after launching Marshall. Seems like October is delivering better days than would be expected from September.

    Thank David for this picture of the 1st flight with my new wing as we near the Seven Oaks dam2023_10_16_CA_SevenOaksDam_Ion7_Jerome

    David Webb
    General Member

    After the great September let-down of 2023, October does seem to be giving up the goods. Another really fun day of adventuring east. Mostly smooth strong conditions with a few patches of really rowdy stuff.

    After a passer-by watched Jérôme land, he offered us all a ride back to AJX, so Ben and I made expeditious descents. Once we got in the car, we saw a hockey mask in the back, so either it’s spooky season, or we were in potentially mortal peril and the guy decided he couldn’t take us all. Worked out in the end.

    22 miles on my Ion 6 (low B fun machine) and a good “breaking-in” of Jérôme’s new ride.

    Track log of some of us here.

    More glamor shots from the day – thanks to Ben for the second one.



    Jonathan Dietch
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    Wil Brown from AK on Zeno 2 (blue) + yours truly on Icaro Alto HG (green).  Really smooth and pleasant autumn day. Sadly, my Hero 11 Black went bye-bye over Sugarpine Mtn along with an hour of 5K flight footage.  Next time I use a leash.

    2023-10-16 Crestline Keller Cajon Alto + Wil Brown to Lil San G.


    Stranger danger!!! 🔪🩸😂

    Jelly of all your nice weekday flights. I had to work, so I just enjoyed my late afternoon local 52 minute sledder. 😑😄

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