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    Richard Viveros
    General Member

    Ha ha nice! I appreciate the feedback. And Janna, I  will definitely be taking your advice.


    I was sent an email “AJX Approach Patterns”  addressed to me only.

    Who sent me this?  Why was this addressed to me specifically?    If you have a problem with my landing approach,  explain exactly what was unsafe about my approach and landing.     I am unwilling to compromise my safety or the safety of my passenger, because some noob, or some fearful psychopathic authoritarian perceives potential danger where none specifically existed.  My last tandem PG landing was mid day with one hang glider in the pattern, and zero potential conflict.  Someone yelled at me after I landed, but was too chicken shit to actually walk over and speak to me and explain what was problematic about my approach and landing.    Don’t pretend this is addressing a problem where none existed.
    Just because someone complains, doesn’t mean there is a problem.  It means people complain, and pretend there are problems to attempt to elevate themselves to positions of power and authority when they don’t deserve either and should never be trusted with power or authority.
    Separation rules exist to address traffic in the landing pattern, when pilots can’t work out a landing approach without help or advice.  I have never asked for, nor do I want anyone’s advice on how to land safely at Andy Jackson flight park, if the CSS leadership cannot specifically address safety issues with my approach and landing it doesn’t help anyone to send out nebulous general safety advisories.

    Mitchell McAleer


    Hi Mitch,

    I replied to your email, but replying here as well in case anyone else had the same questions.

    This was an email blast sent to all members (past and current – anyone who has signed up on the site). You are not being singled out.

    Since the approach pattern and which sides PGs and HGs need to stick to when landing is a recurring issue, we’re trying to get this information in front of as many pilots that fly here as possible. Purely informational.


    Pidgeon holing all acceptable PG landing approaches into the area over the ranch RV parking is myopic, and ignores several real issues, 1, it’s more dangerous and requires descending at low  AGL over the power lines and parking lot. 2. it’s often lifty over the steeper slope above the LZ and I witnessed an injury accident on a Mojo after a low AGL  > 60% asymmetric collapse just behind the candy cane vent.   3. It’s unwise to put PG’s over the windward side of the power lines and parking lot, merely because HG’s can’t work out traffic with other pilots. My last approach and landing was over the windward end of the field, upwind of the kiting area, and landing near the cones marking the downwind end of the kiting area, while a hang glider was in the HG traffic pattern. There was no possible conflict, but some chicken shit HG pilot breaking down still yelled at me after I landed.   what’s up with that?

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    I propose to the board that there be no rules applicable to “Super Pilots“.

    When Chrigel Maurer visits our humble LZ, he can do touch-and-go’s on all 4 corners before settling on a spot to drop his wing, where the grass will forever stay green.

    There is a precedent for this in other areas. For example on the road, no ticket if you have Mario Andretti in your car. I also doubt Scarlett Johansson spends much time waiting in line anywhere.


    way to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and pretend foot launch soaring is populated with idiots down at the bottom off the intelligence bell curve who like you, can neither define a problem, or address a real problem rationally.

    Rules like this are for idiots who can’t take responsibility for their own actions, or their own safety in a complex environment, so when they fuck up, and cause an injury accident, it’s permissible to hand wave away any actions taken, by simply pointing at the rules and claiming conformance.

    That kind of behavior only perpetuates stupidity, better you than me.


    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    I thought nobody would seriously consider my request for a “no rules for Super Pilots“, it had a different purpose. Glad to explain in person if desired.

    Dan DeWeese
    CSS Instructor

    PG pilot, 3d flight off instruction, flying west along the eucalyptus, encounters a touch of sink then descends into the base leg of the hg approach. HG pilot, also brand new, up to the brim with anxiety, eyes just left the slope indicator and turning base leg suddenly see this pg in front of him. He’s thinks he’s too low to make the field by going around either left or right.  He’s mistaken, of course, but he’s never considered this situation and now, thrust into this, he’s overwhelmed. The shade structure judges all offer up opinion, some yell commands but the sounds blend in the the helmets wind noise.

    Mid air? Close call? Stall, dive, fatality? Double fatal tangle dive? No way to tell. By placing both in the same path for sure pushes the probability of it being a here and now and us, instead of over there, then, and them.

    If I can para-phrase Patton, Let that other dumb son of a bitch die doing what he loves. I and mine want to make it home for dinner.


    Time for the daily nag about the approach pattern – this time with visual aids.

    Recently received a real-world example involving 2 pilots approaching at the same time. Perfectly illustrates why sticking to the approach pattern (and keeping PG and HG traffic separate) is so important. HG approach in black and PG approach in red:


    If the HG didn’t drastically alter his approach (and they mentioned that they were already pushing it to make the LZ with the amount of altitude they had left) – and that assumes that the pilot would have the skills to make such an alteration in their approach – that whole area in the northeast corner of the LZ would have been mid-air central.

    Please please please – whatever wing you fly – stick to the approach and keep an eye out for your fellow pilots.

    Bo Frazier
    General Member

    Did anyone speak to this pg pilot about the extreme danger he created by making such a ridiculous approach?  Flying and landing at Marshall/Crestline just continues to get more dangerous due to pilots refusing to follow simple rules.  Maybe there will be a wake up call when someone dies.  I’m considering just starting to use the McAleer lz to the west of AJX.  No grass but far safer..


    Bo – yes, the HG pilot talked to him right after the event, and he’s been warned in the past as well.

    A topic to be discussed at the next board meeting will be a proposed update to the bylaws to include specific language about violations (progression of club response to repeat offenders, requirements for that progression like witnesses and documentation, and appropriate corrective actions). It seems to be one of our most recurring (and more dangerous) issues, so it seems like more clear-cut language might be in order.


    two curved lines on an aerial image of the LZ and your   ridiculous fiction doesn’t consider ” already pushing it to make the LZ” is the HG pilot causing the issue, directly and deliberately causing an approach conflict.

    Stupid decisions prior to the landing approach isn’t a reason to make a rule to censure other pilots who aren’t making mistakes leading to a landing approach conflict.

    What you’re expecting is paraglider pilots to exhibit clairvoyance to determine in advance that a hang glider pilot made a stupid decision to give himself  no options  in a tight landing approach, when there’s literally square miles of landable terrain everywhere around AJX.

    Don’t be this level of retarded authoritarian psychopath. I’ve seen it before in the HG vs PG ridiculous dick waving contest.  It’s fucking stupid, and has no place and no business in the sport and club organization..





    “Ended up landing less than 10 yards from him. It all ended well, but I did express my annoyance… ”

    A couple things are obvious, for example, 10 yards is 30 feet, and the LZ is 500′ X 500′, so what about the other 470 feet of flat, grass covered ground. Intermediate rating requires competence to hit a 50′ landing radius consistently and there’s over 400′ of available LZ in your example.    If you’re fixating on the spot landing cone in traffic in the landing approach and getting emotional about not getting to land exactly where you wanted to land, you’re an emotional basket case and a liability and have no business suggesting policy until you get your emotional issues worked out, on a professional psych counselors couch, because you’re going to hurt yourself, or other people if you don’t get that problem under control.

    Two, the hang glider is always right is an idiotic perspective, lose it,  and you might gain some credibility.

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