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    David Webb
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    Another call for everyone to make their best effort to respect the PG and HG approach patterns into AJX. Yesterday, a PG was reported on the HG approach side while a hang glider pilot was making their final approach. No incident (this time), but obviously created a stressful situation for the HG pilot.

    Especially in the late afternoon when lots of pilots are making their approaches, please make sure to do the following:

    • BEFORE you enter your approach pattern, make a mental note of other pilots that are either getting low or otherwise might be setting up for an approach. That should be head-on-a-swivel time.
    • PGs: the standard HG base portion of their approach comes low over the training hill – give the training hill some space (you must remain west of that).
    • Don’t forget to clear the LZ as efficiently as possible after you land. There may be other pilots coming in right after you that you didn’t see that need the space to land.
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