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    If you’ve ever wondered what the PG landing pattern is at Andy Jackson Airpark, here’s a video I put together to explain it:

    Tim Ward
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    If you wanted to add something, you could point out that the place to look for possibly conflicting HG traffic is somewhere near the horizon (so about the same altitude as you) anywhere from south of the LZ to east of the LZ.  I tend to lose altitude off the southeast corner somewhere before starting my downwind, base and final.

    I think for some PG pilots, the speed at which an HG can get from that area to being on final is surprising, and so they tend to tune them out of their consideration in the same unconscious way some automobile drivers “don’t see” motorcycles and bicycles.  Not seen as a threat, not seen at all.

    Sink rates aren’t identical, of course, but pretty much anything around your altitude will likely be landing at a similar time, and most times that will be on the LZ.

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