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    Dear CSS Members:

    Exciting news!  We now have an easier way for Board members, instructors, drivers, all of our fellow club members, and soon, a site monitor to verify pilots’ CSS memberships, their USHPA membership status, and their ratings.  All members now have a unique QR code that others can scan to view their pertinent details and status. Those details are also shown underneath the QR code, in case folks have trouble scanning it.  If something is expired or there is a problem, the text will be red.

    You can get to your member QR code in a couple of ways:

    1. In the member directory, there is now a link under your member name (expand the box with the “+” icon to see details) that says “View Member Profile.”
    2. Under your account (“My account” in the upper right, or in the main menu if you’re on mobile), there is a new tab that says “QR Code.” There is a button on that page that links to that as well.


    Members are encouraged to bookmark their member QR code on their phones for quick presentation upon request.

    Very truly yours,

    Stan Barankiewicz

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