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    Brand new Woodey Valley Libero HG harness. This was about $1200 new and is everything the WW Z5 pod is not, i.e. light weight (19lbs fully loaded) zippers work perfectly as does angle adjustment/cleat. Plenty of room for storage. CamelBak pocket, droge chute pocket, right side mount chute.

    this is a 5L size harness. I am 6’ but this will likely fit a range of body types. It’s the same harness the main Icaro guy does all his stunt loops in his videos.B428F981-66E7-4266-88ED-E699E2DB3E5200F5DBA3-2C99-4747-9A23-564D554545FE5D1B4DFB-9F22-42A5-87B4-E7DB94A123B236F88082-CF1D-43D3-B0D2-1812754A0AE2F192046E-A1D7-4B5C-B39B-29CD29FB622DB74AB314-CFB6-4E05-97F7-4D37E9AB98B1A6058F1E-8391-40DD-8038-ABD0AF151FE6FFCB27A3-4F27-420A-B470-280CD6CB255C4CF6C860-A941-4A08-BC1E-A1618F4FB10AFEA2E85E-2C13-418C-99C1-FA936E337165


    I’m interested in the harness. Does it come with a reserve?

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