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    I checked this sites “events calendar” and it is blank.  When is the next scheduled Fly In at CSS/Andy Jackson LZ ?  Inquiring Super Floater wants to know. 🙄


    Kathy has started up our “Wednesday Fly Day” mini event this year, which will keep going during spring, summer and fall. There should also be a late day shuttle on those days, going up at around 4:30PM.

    We will be planning fly-ins when the weather is more consistent. We’re getting to that season now and I’m sure there will be event announcements as soon as the dates can be solidified. We will force ourselves to use the Events calendar on our website when we have those dates & plans ready. The club needs it, pilots want it and it will happen. 😎


    “Build it and they will come”


    I was thinking Saturday July 13 for our first event and Saturday September 14th for our second. I have contacted Sylmar and Soboba and the dates are clear with them. I also looked at the Santa Barbra event calendar and those weekends look clear. I do not know what competitions are happening but I think we should make a plan. Let me know if I missed a major event that might be in conflict. I agree. Let’s get these parties scheduled!!!!

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