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    David Webb
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    During a modest adventure to Harrison yesterday, we were contemplating our LZ options on the way back and saw a group of 3 pretty large brown fields that looked like a safe option. Ended up choosing another option, but as luck would have it, turns out that all of those were part of Patton State Hospital (a “forensic psychiatric hospital”). Driving by on the way out showed us the tall barbed-wire-topped fences. A bit of investigation on Jerome’s part found a diagram of the complete site (last page) and it’s much larger than I thought it was.

    If you happen to be cruising by and see the big solar panel array, it’s best to consider the entire “box” that the streets around that complex create off-limits-do-not-land-you’ll-regret-it. To quote the man in orange:

    Wearing the suit I had on, I may still be held there

    Pic of the area, for aerial reference:


    Mario Miralles
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    Jonathan landed in there once. They asked him to leave and said that most people try to escape that place, not land in there.

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