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    Manufacturer info: Nova > Ion 6

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    As with any brand/model your heart desires, I can help you with the price, justĀ ask by Email.

    My thoughts: If you have flown an Ion, you know they offer good performance for how relaxing they are. I had version 3 and 4, and kept each for a while as they provided fun relaxing flight including this one from Marshall to Soboba. You can concertina pack if you like, but it is not necessary. My problem now is that 2 years ago I decided to lose 10 lb to better fit into wings offering a 75-95 kg range, but I’m up to the task of adding a few more pounds to fit into the 80-100 kg range for an S size. Interesting technical improvements: Less distance between pilot and wing for more direct handling, and the wing is flatter (less curvature).

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