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    Bille Floyd
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    I think that $ 20 , is a Very reasonable price ; for a full month of flying !!!

    I’ve had some really good times , with you guys ; hope to see ya all in the air

    soon. At 67, with no spleen — if i catch this bug then i’m probably dead ; so

    i’m kinda hiding in place , till this corona thing is over.


    Bille Floyd

    David Webb
    General Member

    Thanks Billie!

    I don’t want to dig up an old argument, but we had no choice in doing away with the day use fee. We tried really hard to come up with a price for the month that would both be reasonable to visitors and to not harm the club financially. Glad you agree.



    Oh man, I thought I was gonna be reading a rant! 😄 What a pleasant surprise. 😁


    I am a visiting pilot who makes out to CSS once or twice a year, and found the associate membership very reasonable as well.  I am glad to be able to support the club.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to make it out there this year.


    That’s awesome. We certainly appreciate the support! We love this site and want to keep it going for many years to come. As a non-profit organization with unpaid volunteers, we could always use as much backing as possible, so we can keep maintaining and improving the place.


    Thumb up !


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