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    Ken Howells
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    Onshore day between Santa Anas. Launched my Falcon 3 Tandem from Regionals at 15:30. Sank to SE of Last Chance then stuck with a 200 fpm core as it meandered across and then up to Regionals. Then it strengthened dramatically and I got 6k just north of Cloud Peak. Went for Crestline and lost it all, to 5k out in front of Camp Paivika. Then a core hit 1k fpm or more and I was soon at 7,300 and drifting S in the North flow. Went west of Pine and boated around, not quite to Sugarpine, and found myself at 7k again. Very clear looking out to the desert, also could see the golden glint of the ocean near Long Beach. Back to Marshall and drifted around and then went in for a nice one-stepper landing in light SW at 16:40.

    At least 8 HG’s, maybe a few more PG’s in the afternoon.

    Had planned to drive to the 750 to launch but from the LZ I watched a hang turning tightly in that area for a good while and not gaining much.  Higher pilots were high. Got a lift to Regionals from Gene.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Gene LZ Sunset Portrait 2

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Short edit of yesterday’s circuit…

    David Webb
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    Awesome flights, y’all!

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