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    Ken Howells
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    Sport 2 155 from the 750 6/13/2020, plenty soarable. Big late 30’s dude with wife and tots all into seeing it up close. Launched and had the perfect quick save from the Pond. Did a few passes by launch for the dude’s video, could have climbed on up and out. Went east for some ground clearance, maybe a climb and maneuver before specking-out.

    Sink Sink Sink. Scratching above the Ranch I hit enough lift to go VG tight then fell out and got dumped really hard. The edge of the lift helped as I ran away and landed for 8.5 minutes of airtime. Glider was good, I did the initial test flight of it on 9/20/2016.

    Happy people in the LZ blah blah blah.

    2020-06-13 15.39.10
    Encouraging gaggle-ette above Cloud Peak.

    2020-06-13 15.38.49
    Sport 2 155, vintage 2016. My UltraSport 166 happens to be red, white, & blue as well.

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