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    Reminder to P2s (I’m one too, btw): if you’re flying on your own under a site sign off from your instructor, please respect the terms of what you signed up for. That includes NOT launching from Crestline without your instructor present. This is still going on, despite a few recent incidents, close calls, and tree encounters. Experienced pilots came up with that rule for a reason.

    Thanks for your understanding. Fly safe and have fun out there.


    Expect to see a reply here every time this happens, since it would seem like it can’t be said/written/shouted enough:

    Crestline is a P3 launch. Regardless if you have a site sign off from your instructor, you MUST NOT LAUNCH there unless YOUR INSTRUCTOR IS PRESENT.

    Yesterday, another P2 launched into conditions that they weren’t prepared for and got lucky. If you’ve got a burning itch to fly Crestline, talk to your instructor and work with them to do it safely (and under supervision).

    Bo Frazier
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    What’s going on with pilots not giving a darn about rules and safety.  There is a real problem at Crestline/Marshall these days based on the number of incidents that are occurring.  What’s it going to take to get people’s attention?  Some fatalities?  Stop being idiots because getting hurt really sucks.  Been there, done that in my 40 years of hg/pg flying so I’ve earned the right to express this opinion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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