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    A few days ago we got a call from Mark Selner telling us to look up and see a couple paragliders (one red, one blue) playing in the sky above us, here in the Hesperia/Victorville area of the high desert.  Looked like they were having fun.  I’d guess they were 4000-5000 feet overhead AGL.  Maybe above Main Street Hesperia or Bear Valley Road – pretty small and hard to see.  Reminded me of a similar sighting a couple years ago, where two paragliders seemed headed out toward Barstow.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Hi Doug,
    You spotted a pair of Santa Barbara pilots–Neal & Michael who launched from Blackhawk and were headed West. There was also one HG–Willy from SB as well.
    Can I hit you up for a high desert drive and chase some time?

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