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    Dan DeWeese
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    Got a phone call today from Wisconsin Paul’s mother, Barb. At first I was confused why, then she told me then sent this email:

    Subject: Paul Voigt, Wisconsin Pilot
    Paul’s story

    We received sad news today about our dear son (Paul Voigt). He was found deceased on a remote mountain hiking trail (Daley Canyon Road GPS Coordinates 34.18744522922177, -117.22823840032521) after being bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking. He didn’t have cell coverage but on May 22nd recorded a video with the sad details. (We had talked to him on May 20.) An unknown hiker originally found Paul on 5/28/2022 and reported it to a US Forestry Fire Fighter who then told the San Bernardino Deputy. The Deputy arranged for search and rescue to meet up on the trail in the morning of 5/29/2022. They located Paul at 0915 hours.

    A highlight of his life was his annual several-month flying experience with your club. He mentioned your name during a recent call so I’m hoping you will notify other pilots/friends. His car was towed to a lot in Redland but we probably won’t have access to it or his hang glider & equipment for a week or two while legal procedures are covered. We would like to donate his glider etc. to your club if this is somehow possible. We’d very much appreciate your ideas regarding this. We hope to visit the club site when we come. First we need to arrange cremation & legal matters.

    Perhaps there is a way his contemporaries can be notified of Paul’s passing. After being in his sport for so many years, Paul is probably a legend. I’m sure many folks will be sorry he’s not soaring, way up in the sky.

    Tom Swanson
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    Very sad news.

    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    His Mom’s (Barb) email address is barbvoigt@hotmail.com if you want to send a note, remembrance or condolence.


    Different person with almost the same name: Bio for Paul Voight.

    Marc Deschenes
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    Different person. He’s still with us.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Paul was one of those truly special individuals and will be greatly missed.

    Ken Howells
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    This is what I sent to Paul’s mom.

    Dear Mrs. Voigt,

    I was shocked to learn yesterday of your son Paul’s tragic death from a snake bite last week. I barely knew Paul, but I’ve barely known him for what seems like 15 years – whenever he started making his annual trips out to fly Crestline & SoCal. I used to have several days a week where I would do multiple hang glider flights, either tandems or production test flights, and there would be this car parked up on launch all day.  “Oh, that’s Wisconsin Paul” Dianne McKenzie said.  He’d launch from the mountain early, when just staying airborne was a challenge, then fly all afternoon, usually venturing farther away than most. He’d land at the LZ near sunset and hike back up 2,300 vertical feet of mountain to get his car (often in the dark). He’d go camp somewhere in the hills and do it again the next day.  Day after day.  I really admired and respected his devotion to our sport, his health & fitness, and his evident skill.

    Paul’s love of hang gliding was pure.  He kept to himself for the most part, seemed to prize being self-sufficient. We occasionally had brief conversations about the day’s flying conditions, either at launch or in the landing zone.  Paul definitely wasn’t a story- teller, didn’t need to hang around after flying and swap tales to fuel his ego.  Unusual for a pilot, to say the least.  His vehicles changed over the years, always something practical, utilitarian. His gliders changed, always clean and well cared-for, top-of-the-line but purchased used.  Paul didn’t need flash or bling. Frugality was his way.

    I’ve been flying hang gliders since 1985 and I’ve never met a pilot quite like Paul. His annual extended visits to the area really marked the seasons, came to seem part of the natural flow of things. He’d arrive when the flying was starting to get reliable and good, then he’d be gone when the brutal summer heat was starting to set in.

    I’ll miss his calm, quiet presence.

    Good Flying,
    Ken Howells


    Video was taken November 2017. I had only been flying for 3 months, arrived at Marshall and noticed someone cloud surfing and was truly amazed and always remembered that moment. Later that afternoon I briefly met Paul for the 1st time and 4 years later I was lucky enough to fly with him at Ord Mountain.



    George Stebbins
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    Dear Ms. Voight,

    I was saddened to hear about Paul’s passing today.  I flew with him a bunch the last two years, but hadn’t met him before.  He seemed like a very nice person.  My condolences to you and your family.

    George Stebbins

    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    Paul’s mother, Barb, is flying in from Wisconsin Tuesday midday to retrieve Paul’s car from the towing and storage racketeer in Redlands. She would like to have an informal remembrance starting around 5pm for a couple hours.  Come on out if you can free up Tues evening.



    What a perfect description of the essence of Paul…I was truly touched.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ken Howells
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    Paul’s mom, Barb, sends:

    I’m trying to send Paul’s YouTube site. You might be interested in seeing his flights in Yosemite and Utah.

    Type in — youtube.com
    Click on — YouTube
    In search bar type — SBDHGPICS

    His “First Yosemite Flight” vid is pretty good. 


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