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    This presentation by Bruce Goldsmith, and related follow-up by Malin Lobb, explains why flying with 10% brake on a paraglider reduces the pitch stability of the wing.

    Related discussion on PG Forum: Question about Bruce Goldsmith video 10% brake.

    Gear evolves, and we adapt.

    PG_10pct_Brake is_Less_Pitch_Stable

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    I have bin flying PS since 1989 , and never even once , considered what a bit of break would

    do ; other than increase cell pressure a bit .




    Hi Bille.
    From PGT > Dealing with Turbulence

    Wing pressurisation myth. Pressure inside the wing is only dependent on airspeed, so braking and slowing down the wing, will decrease the wing’s internal pressure.

    Braking has other effects and benefits, but people often oversimplify and incorrectly assume it is from increased internal pressure. The myth lives on.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Something , somebody told me , near 30 years ago ; and I believed it . :(

    Thanks for clearing that Up — Jerome !!!


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