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    Jerome Daoust
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    A video presentation of a paraglider’s downwash and wing tip vortices: YouTube > Paragliding wingtip vortices visualization

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    David Webb
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    Thanks for posting that – very cool video. Seeing the down-wash was especially interesting.

    John Benario
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    Very interesting.  Years ago, I was flying an Enstrom F28 doing tours of Wash DC and I crossed the river behind a 727 landing at National.  I was banked 90 degrees instantly.

    In current times, I have been violently rolled in my 737 when taking off behind an Airbus 320/321, which is not given wake turbulence separation because it “isn’t needed.”  For some reason the non-heavy Airbus produces much stronger wake turbulence than the 737 or Douglas designs.

    Another oddity, the east coast air traffic controllers are much more cognizant of separation when taking off behind a heavy than the west coast controllers.  Don’t know why that is the case.





    Reminds me of this experiment:

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