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    Marc Deschenes
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    PG incident at Crestline on 2/3/21

    First saw a paraglider hung up in the trees near the stairs a few minutes before the first screen grab. The canopy was fully inflated at that time. It appeared to be snagged on the far side.  Don’t know when it first got hung up. Canopy was still in the trees when it got too dark to see about an hour later.  Wind was 15 with slightly higher gusts around 4 pm that day.

    In the first photo, you can see a person in green below the canopy at the edge of the snow.

    That’s all the firsthand information I have.

    Secondhand, I heard that the pilot is not a member of CSS or the USHPA.

    Next time you’re at Crestline, look for where large limbs were trimmed in the tree near the stairs.

    Obviously, getting dragged all the way is dangerous in itself.  Fortunately, no spectators were involved in this incident. At least, not that I heard.



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