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    The latest entry into the High-B class…  PHI Maestro 2. Read more about it on: PGF > PHI Maestro 2. It has 76 cells (compares to 62 on the Rush 6), but also adds mid-cell mini-ribs on its leading edge. And I can help you get one at a discounted price, just ask by Email.

    Leading edge pornMaestro2_LE

    David Webb
    General Member

    That’s one hot lookin’ leading edge.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Good wright-Up here :


    Phi Maestro Review (EN B)

    This is the part I Like : … “At the leading edge nylon rods create an air scoop (sharknose), but only one rod is used on each opening. …




    Hi Bille, that review is a good read, but it is for the 1st version of the Maestro, instead of this 2nd version about to be released.

    How much difference between the 1st and this upcoming version? The manufacturer write… “We can present you the greatest leap in performance that we have ever achieved from one generation to the next.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    At 200-Lb , ( 90.7kg) in a swimsuit ; it kinda looks like by the time I add harness, reserve, and weight of the glider ; I may need the XL, judging from the specks from the 1st version of the Maestro ?



    Hi Bille,

    Best to wait for the specs to become available for  the 2nd version, sometimes the weight ranges change, and then one would typically want to be 60-80% into the weight range. I can do the math for you then, and recommend a size. Typically the TFW (Total Flying Weight) is 123% of the naked body weight. You can use my Email (<– click the link) to continue this sizing discussion between us.


    David Webb
    General Member

    Looks like PHI has updated their site here, regarding the Maestro 2 (full specs).


    Mine is now in the manufacturing queue, size 21 (75-100 kg).

    Color… Do I really need to say it? Think flight suit.

    More news (risers, wing folding, motor use) on the PG Forum. <– Click the link.


    Got it yesterday and planning to fly it today under cloudy (hopefully no rain) skies. More flying in the following days.

    I had to purchase one to test fly, so I have not decided yet if I will keep it. But I had enough hope to justify taking a small gamble. I will be collecting my observations in here, at the end of each flying day until I reach a decision.

    David Webb
    General Member

    I’m expecting some serious show-and-tell going on this weekend. Likely lots of oohs and aahs.



    The first set of in-flight observations, from today’s flying.

    The next few days should offer classic summer (rougher air) conditions, allowing me to decide to keep it or not. But so far, I am enjoying it.

    If you (anyone) is alongside in flight, it would be fun to compare glide at speed.


    After Friday’s flight in stronger air (flight data), I decided it’s a keeper. Previous wing is for sale.

    Thanks to Cory for the video of my launch (mp4).

    Flying again Saturday, just for the fun of it.


    I know, I know…2022_08_19_PG_Crestline_PhiMaestro2_InFlight_Jerome_Tony

    David Webb
    General Member

    This wing and flight suit combo is guaranteed to enhance performance and is certified Tony Approved™ for all audiences.

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