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    There are 5 active fires between San Bernardino and San Jacinto city that may result in TFRs this weekend that could affect pilots flying East of Crestline and may shut down any Flying from Soboba or at least North of it.  No TFRs posted as of now despite a lot of aerial firefighting traffic thru out the area today.  I will try to link here for any TFRs that get posted for tomorrow, but please check on your own before flying this weekend.  I believe the sailplane club at Hemet is expecting to be grounded tomorrow (and beyond?) See you in the air, Alan


    For those waiting for updates, they can use this to easily find a TFR over a map of our area… SkyVector.


    First TFR for 7-15-23…. There could be more to follow?






    Using the coordinates (33º53’22″N, 117º04’15″W) provided for the center of that TFR (with a radius of 5 nautical miles) and the distance to Soboba, it puts the launches outside by a safety margin of 2 miles (1.8 nautical mile).TFR_Dist_to_SobobaLaunch

    Still a good idea to be conscious of air traffic, and avoid heading West of launches by any significant amount.



    Getting closer, but Soboba flight park is still outsideTFR_NearSoboba_2023_07_15_2058UTC

    Jonathan Dietch
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    TFRs in KML are much easier for me to visualize and plan around.
    Type Soar
    The current TFR looks like this…


    Nice tool Jonathan. The TFR is continuously evolving (and using new ID’s), now including the Soboba flight park…TFR_NearSoboba_2023_07_17_1642_UTC

    Some local roads are closed as well…ClosedRoads_2023_07_17_1210

    David Webb
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    Since we’ll likely have more this season (and every fire season), I’m going to put a simple tool together that we can punch in a TFR ID, and it will spit out a 3D map with the exclusion area on it. More to follow…


    The TFR ID’s change often. For the Rabbit fire near Soboba, it seems to be up to the 3rd ID now. To make the confusion worse they don’t indicate quickly when an old one has been superseded if you just look up that ID. So it may be best to avoid entering an ID which can be obsolete, and instead rely on a search area. This may be challenging, thanks for trying.

    The SkyVector tool is almost sufficient, only missing location markers for our flying sites, to know if it is in/out of a TFR

    David Webb
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    Ah – that’s good to know. I thought they just created them once and then updated them. What I may do is try to pull all of the current TFRs for that general area, so one could then just pick from a list (select by the description instead of a specific ID). Depends on how ambitious/bored I am this week.

    David Webb
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    Unless it’s a temporary glitch, this TFR appears to be no longer active. SkyVector and the FAA site no longer show it.

    If true, the only thing left to be avoided for the foreseeable future is melting. Forecast for the next 10 days:


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