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    Jonathan Dietch
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    For the H4s who enjoy coastal ridge flying when it’s not crowded, post-frontal days can be a blessing. Yesterday was one of those days. By the time I landed the wind died back and the place was crowded. I got my 2+hours of military aircraft noise and relaxing surf sounds plus seeing pilots I rarely encounter along with some new faces. My Hero8 shut down early but I still caught some nice scenes and sounds.

    Bille Floyd
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    I got a Lot of hours, on that cliff ; thanks, that

    brought back a bunch of Good memories !!



    Alan Coffield
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    Hello Jonathan,  If the AGCSC ever can get permission to winch sailplanes there again I will have to bring the Pilatus down and join you to do some “Glider Tag” part 2, the Torrey Edition.   I could always join you with the Super Floater.  Last flew it there 7 years ago as seen here:

    I prefer to fly there when it is blowing 15 to 20+ when the lift is plentiful and the Paragliders are sparse.


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