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    David Webb
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    Had a great Saturday. One of those days where everything went according to plan:

    • Broke out the cell tower mapper and added several map markers to nearby towers to Marshall on my phone.
    • Took the weather station and a new directional antenna (yagi) up the mountain.
    • Pointed at the nearest tower (right where 18 just starts to head up the mountain) and got instant signal.
    • Mounted everything (may improve the mounts later but solid enough for now) and headed back down. Had planned on flying down but I was hot and didn’t want to rush a launch as it was close to 10AM.
    • Spray painted the bin numbers on the storage bins to (hopefully) reduce confusion about the right to left numbering.
    • Sandy Van and launch at 4:45 – good times.

    I should be turning on the station feed to the website sometime today (shouldn’t be any interruption between the old and new). For those that are interested, you can also see additional graphs and charts on the weather station vendor’s site here:


    They also have a mobile app – if you fly in San Diego or Elsinore often, you may want to get that app, since you can add favorites for all of the stations around the area (several in SD, Marshall, 2 on Elsinore). This data will also begin to feed larger weather networks like MesoWest and Weatherunderground, so we get to contribute to national weather data – neat!


    Great work David, nice to also see the temperature being captured.

    May you stumble into the best thermals.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Well I did attend the Jérôme School of Thermalling, so I stand a good chance.

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