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    David Webb
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    We’re doing some renovations around the shade area and we could use the help!

    Target Date: 1st WEEK OF SEPTEMBER

    Your input would be awesome so add any suggestions you have by replying to this topic. If you have ANY of these following materials and/or want to be part of the labor force we would greatly appreciate it.


    • Paint Container and attached structures
    • Paint Roof and Club Frequency
    • Paint CSS logo on front of Container
    • Paint mountain profile on container
    • Paint ceiling with cool artwork

    Labor Requirements

    • Sanding and prep
    • Masking
    • Painting
    • Stenciling/Artwork

    Materials Needed

    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Wood Filler
    • Outdoor Paint
    • Paint Gun/Detail Brushes
    • Any Sanding Equipment/Supplies
    • Tarps/Dropcloth
    • Blue Painters Tape
    • Digital Projector (for large outlines)

    We’re helping to make some lasting improvements that will preserve the CSS look but also give it that new club shine! Thanks in advance for anything you want to contribute. Hope to see you there!


    Nice project. 2020/8/31 update: These items should have been delivered yesterday:

    One 5’x7′ blue tarp.

    2x rolls (1″ by 60 yards) of (blue painter’s) masking tape.


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