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    Dan DeWeese
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    Warm weather brings out the rattlesnakes. If youre walking in brush, go slowly and watch where you step. They like to lay out in the sun and warm up so if theyre in your way, go around or get them moving off into the bushes. They are everywhere and often difficult to see.  Their motto is like one of ours, see and avoid, except they cant see too well. Bites are rare, but as we are now aware from last years loss of our good man ‘Wisconsin’ Paul, outcomes can lead to unhappy endings.




    Dan: I’m Dick Voigt (Wisconsin Paul’s dad). His tragic encounter happened last May 22. Your advice is certainly correct. Thanks for mentioning Paul. We miss him terribly but take great pleasure in reading his extensive journal entries which detail his love of hang gliding with your club for 20+ years. Hope you folks have a great season! Thanks again




    Jonathan Dietch
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    This encounter happened on Wednesday atop Kagel Mtn in Sylmar.



    Damn.  That snake could have so easily have climbed right into that harness boot.  That would have been a deadly situation.

    Dick, we will all miss Paul terribly this summer as we fly at Marshall.  He was a fixture there, a great pilot, and a quiet but super nice guy to have around.  I am so sorry that you and his mother have had to suffer such a great loss.


    Ditto to Bo’s post.

    Paul was a joy to be around. Definitely one of the “good guys”!

    To all that come around AJX, be vigilant on the ground and in the air as well.

    Stay safe!

    Bille Floyd
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    I’d probably be ok , for a snake bite , since my fake legs go up to my knees ; but that’s what I thought about a dog bite , and the Lil bastard jumped up & bit me on my A$$ !! :(


    David Webb
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    This one was taken at Crestline launch yesterday afternoon:


    Also, as we were driving out of AJX yesterday morning to head up to Crestline (around 8:30), we drove right by a good size rattler out on the main dirt road – almost ran over it.

    Mario Miralles
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    A number of people spotted that gopher snake at Crestline launch yesterday thinking it was a rattler. I hope people don’t disturb it too much and it can have its fill of gophers there ;)

    Ditto everyone else about Wisconsin Paul. Nice guy who was fun to fly with. He is missed.

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